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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Council economic strategy

I am told that the meeting held in Uist on Monday was poorly attended by local businesses as there was a general feeling amongst businessmen that the future was rather stark, and no amount of window dressing could hide that.

However, at the meeting the Council priorities were apparently outlined and can be encapsulated in the following terms:
No spending on roads; put all the money into schools and housing.
That prospect went down like a lead balloon, but it seems to form the basis of the current thinking in Sandwick Road as I have had the same proposition floated in front of me on other occasions.

If only it were that simple; not least because most of the little available capital has already been allocated to specific projects, leaving only a few crumbs to be argued over.

The impact of the Government cuts (both Westminster and Edinburgh) is going to be very significant, and tough decisions are going to have to be taken - not least about whether the earlier commitments are still sensible or if they need to be revisited.


Anonymous said...

One of the suggestions that was aired was that the council use the planning process to lever the smaller closed sites from Marine Harvest when the inevitable planning applications for consent renewal come before the council.

There are a few individuals who can take on these redundant sites and probably run them profitably.

Curiously however the feeling from behind the desk was that this was simply beyond the council and that this task should lie with the Crown Estate. Our man from WIE remained peculiarly silent throughout this particular discussion.

Abdicating an opportunity, and social responsibility while collecting the attendance allowance for the meeting... you simply couldn't make it up.

Oh and by the way, about 50% of those that did attend the meeting were either employed by the council or WIE, more attendance forms to fill in. The vast majority of those that could have attended chose to vote with their feet.

Anonymous said...

How many were at the meeting?


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43

There were about ten individuals and probably a dozen public sector employees. Last meeting six months ago had an attendance in excess of over one hundred.

Does the CEO of Storas sitting in the lap of a local developer - while being stroked and fed occasional tidbits - count as one or two people?
Please revise the above numbers accordingly.