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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Missing, presumed acting under orders

With the SNP Conference in full swing in Inverness (of which much more later) one prominent local member is absent.

Is it a Councillor?
Is it long time activist?
Is it a newly enthused new young member?

No. None of the above.

So just who 'forgot' to go to Conference? Given that Conference is almost mandatory these days.

Spotted in Oban attending the Mod, having a diary mistake, is none other than Angus B MacNeil MP.

Any suggestions why he has skipped out of the most important event in the SNP calendar?


Anonymous said...

It's obvious.
There's a toblerone trade fair in town and he is also passing on his musical skills to all the young girls who are in need of his tuition skills.

Anonymous said...

Angus, you are a cruel, sadistic and a hardhearted individual. Why should our hardworking MP attend his party conference instead of going to the Whisky Hole-impics? Where better to find hordes of young inncocent school girls - the annual Nat' Fest or the Mod in Oban? (Answers on a Toberlone please)

Anonymous said...

The idiot probably thinks that the National Mod is something to do with the Ministry of Defence. So he went to get guarantees about the Uist Rocket Range.

No doubt he will be asking Jim Murphy to resign for not attending.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, just how vitriolic will comments get in the run up to the General Election?

I get the feeling the Eileanan na h-Iar seat won't be fought on the basis of party politics but on personalities and mud slinging. How low will it get?

Anonymous said...

The beach boy waas there too; he was singing. If the stories are true then both the MP & MSP were AWOL from the conference. Maybes the barra boy was there supporting the beach boy (no smutty comments about toblerone bars please).

Anonymous said...

6.22am - I saw Alasdair Allan on stage speaking at conference on the Saturday so such the f up!

I was also speaking to Angus MacNeil briefly on the Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Any one spot DJ or is he still PNG

Anonymous said...

Big Annie wasn't there either as I saw her talking to you and your wife on Saturday night in the Legion!!!!!!!

Mrs N said...

You should really get your facts before you start mud slinging. I think you will find that there was a bereavement in Annie's family which is why she wasn't at conference.

Anonymous said...


The beach boy was at the mod he was singing. PS I thibnk you meant shut not such.

Anonymous said...

6.07 - I think you'll find that the Rural Choir competitions finished on the Thursday - the day SNP conference started and Allan and MacNeil were both at conference on the Saturday.