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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raft of school closures on the horizon

That's the headline in Hebrides News.

This is not about new schools, per se, but about balancing the budget.

The Council face a number of very serious challenges in achieving the aim of rationalisation:
  • The parents and teachers don't trust you
  • What Councillor is going to vote to close a school in his ward?
  • The Government want to protect rural schools, at a cost to the Council; not the Government
  • Our MSP has made protection of Gaelic a higher priority than educational quality
  • Is there actually a coherent plan?
On the positive side, the Chair of Education - Morag Munro - is probably the very best person to have in post to make these decisions and drive them through.

However, I predict many tears before bedtime, and many changes to the plans before the communities accept the inevitable - the money isn't there to keep all the schools open; and it is not in your children's best educational interest to be educated in a class of three in a semi-derelict building.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nor is Gaelic worth spending money on,our kids will find little use for the little they learn of it.Spanish language is far more useful.