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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cont page 94

That is a phrase well know to readers of the Private Eye, but on the page 94 of Saturday's Times Magazine is an advert that - sadly - sums up the state of the Harris Tweed industry.

Harris Tweed jackets at a special offer of £150 each, down from £300 and available in only four styles.

This offer can only be thanks to the relentless drive and marketing skill of Brian Haggas who bought the biggest mill and has obviously succeeded in his ambition to make Harris Tweed a high-quality, high-value product again. Not.

Just how low can the world-famous product go, before it bounces back to its rightful heights?

Just so you understand the target market, watch the wonderful Major Hoad explain what sort of jacket you want and need....

There is more of this wonderful - indeed incomparable - stuff on YouTube.

All of which might explain why Harris Tweed is where it is.


Anonymous said...

he has suceeded in making himself famous - thats all he wanted!

Peter Christian said...

Hi. This is Peter Christian replying . I regret anonymous has got this completely wrong . Our offer has nothing to do with the Haggas situation . Our product is made from fabric which is woven by independent weavers and our offer has several designs . The price has always been £150 which is a fair price. We have been selling these fantastic garments for over 3 years , so promoting the industry ourselves .