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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Farewell Harriet Harman

She stands accused of causing a car crash whilst making a call on her mobile and then driving off without leaving her details.
the fragrant Harriet Harman
She strongly denies this, and so she should as she is reported to have wound her window down and called out:
“I’m Harriet Harman — you know where you can get hold of me.”
That should be enough to get her off the hook. I mean it's not like she was employing an illegal immigrant to work for her.

One of the many reasons the Police like you to hang around after an accident - apart from making sure that you are Harriet Harman and not some stranger shouting random names out of a car window -is to check that you are not under the influence of any substances, such as G&T.

I think she is going to have to be charged for leaving the scene of an accident; be fined; proclaim her innocence and saintlyhood; and carry on regardless. Such is the moral stature of politicians today.

However, hopefully her mobile phone records will hang her - despite protestations that it was urgent Government business to talk to her nanny (or whoever) - and we will see the end of this ghastly, worthless, self-serving career politician.


Dr Evadne said...

Angus, there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

There are also one or two other ghastly, worthless, career politicians who we hoped we had seen the back of. One of them now intends to become EU Dictator/President, the other is more or less running the country to suit his own ambitions. Its like something written by Tolkein.

Anonymous said...

“I’m Harriet Harman — you know where you can get hold of me.”

She's clever. She didn't use an 's' in that whole sentence, just in case she'd shlur it.

martialis said...

Gordon Brown Elephant in the room:-

Anonymous said...

Dr Evadne you must live in Back. As there are stories that a bespectacled spiky haired fairy with orange skin has been prancing about on Coll Beach.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bliar for EU president. Now I know we really are living in a totally mad world. Roll up, roll up folks, start an illegal war and end up running the EU!

Harman should definitely be charged for leaving the scene of an accident, but she'll be let off lightly of course. She's a career skank with Prime Ministerial ambitions, which she has as much chance of achieving as I have of shagging Nigella Lawson.

Anonymous said...

Even if Nigella Lawson was a Lesbian I doubt if she would shag and old woman!