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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MP's expenses

fat catThe politicians really, really just don't get it, do they?

Their self-build ivory towers have put them so out of touch with reality that it is frightening.

Somehow many of them still believe that they should receive tax-free lump sums for anything and everything that they can conjure up and write on a claim form.

And then they complain when they are told their claims are excessive.

Excessive, mind, when in fact many of them are totally f'ing outrageous.

All the while they still happily employ family members on a fat salary and enjoy a tax-free profit on their flats that have been paid for by the taxpayer.

Hopefully reality will bite* after the next election.

* Not a reference to Toblerone


Anonymous said...

They have the nerve to complain that repayment demands are inaccurate. No word that most of the claims rejected were works of total fiction or double claims. It would be interesting to see a comparison of those refuting claims to safe seat long term MP's to figure out just why they think they can get away with this!

Captain Swing said...

Whether we/they get it is irrelevant, if the rules at the time allowed them to do this you can’t blame them for kicking up a fuss, if some tries to retrospectively change the rules.

If you did this to your employees Angus you would be before an Industrial Tribunal in the blink of an eye. Notwithstanding whether the claims were right or wrong or whether you should pay some or all back if you as an employer said pay back or your don’t work for me in the circumstances that MP’s find themselves in, again you would be facing charges of bullying in the workplace or potentially a case of unfair dismissal.

Surely the best way to have dealt with this would be to have said OK it was all a mess that should never have been allowed to happen, but it has, now let’s learn from this and move on. It does not do politics any good by continuing with this witch hunt. In any case the amounts of money to be to be repaid must outweigh the cost of the enquiry, And what is the cost to democracy in the UK by continuing with this?