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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The tag "A vague attempt at humour" tends to be a give away.

Let me just make it clear that none of the alleged Labour Council candidates have ever:
  • Headbutted comrades in the Strangers Bar of the House of Commons
  • Had an affair with a girl 1/3 of their age
  • Claimed more than £1m in travel expenses
  • Had a father who idolised Hitler
  • Been photographed in compromising positions with ladies of the night by the News of the World
  • Brought half of Glasgow to tears
  • Murdered their nanny
And no-one in their right mind should try to match the list to any people real, dead, imaginary or standing for Council.

One helpful tip to the Labour Party........

If you are going to run some candidates in the election, it does assist the electorate if you make an announcement BEFORE the polls close.


I'm just wondering if I should changed the second paragraph to start "To the best of my knowledge...".


Anonymous said...

Angus, after your 25 years on this planet have you not learnt that the words 'humour,of and sense' do not sit well with the words 'party & Labour'. One look at Harriet Hairperson should tell you that. Gordoon Brown wasn't exactly Ken Dodd either. Just to balance things up, there is absolutely nothing comical about the SNP either...oh, wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

Um, WTF? One of the candidates does have a historical attribute that is rather close to one of the seven you've listed there. I'm really surprised he is running.

Or ah I see do you know that already, and this is therefore a teaser post that you can reference in the future? Clever Angus...

Kevin Paterson said...

Sorry if I don't find phone calls at four in the morning funny, but hey maybe that's my failing.

Anonymous said...

@Kevin Paterson

One of many I suspect, try been an independent candidate and serving the people rather than your commie buddies in Westminster.

Anonymous said...

ho ho ho have you looked at some of the sneeps standing? rather peculiar and odd that they are actually considering standing after some of their own mischievous doings....... Wonder if there's any rudhach furniture any where?