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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Council Tendering

A report to the Audit and Scrutiny Committee contains the majestically understated phrase at para 1.14:
In the tender process the Comhairle has had a number of high profile events in this area which have led to either litigation or having to go put the contracts through a re-tendering exercise. There is scope in this area for contracts to be identified as high value/high risk and having a higher level of strategic input from the start and that the key officers involved are trained so that they can minimise and manage the risks involved.
As I - and others - are aware, the Chief Executive has a report in his filing cabinet in which a Director admits breaking contract regulations to stop the top bidder winning and confirms he would do so again, I suspect that 'training' may be a tadge ineffective.

Ah, well.  One for the new Councillors to cut through the lies and hold people to account.


Iowa Boy said...

You may find the radically different approach in Wales, which is emerging as one of the more socially enlightened areas of the UK, of interest:

ancatdubh said...

thanks,that was very interesting.I hope one of the prospective councilors takes notice.