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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A poet writes .... with apologies to TS Elliot

Dr Allan, Dr Allan
  there's no one like the Doctor
He reads the SNP script out loud
   like a tired actor
His powers of vacuity
   would make a fecker stare
But when the public want answers
   Dr Allan isn't there

You may seek him in the streets
   and look up in the air
But at the hint of protest -
   the Doctor isn't there


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This blog is getting so lame, have you nothing else to say? We can get this on Labour hame.

WhatsWordsWorth said...

They seek him here they seek him there.

Those bloggers seek him every where.

Is he in Vatisker is he in town?

That damned elusive seperatist clown.

Hey Angus you are not the only clever begger.

Anonymous said...

He'll turn up with a camera
at the opening of an envelope
A good Free Church member
he took mass with the Pope
He'll say anything to anyone
If he things he'll get a vote
But even Maroot now will say
He's a three-faced little scrote

You may seek him in the office
But he prefers the city
Where he can fawn to Salmond
And tell him "You're so witty"

Anonymous said...

Have you really nothing better to do ?

Pretty sad to use the blog for a personal attack....granted a sarcastic one.

Anonymous said...

With posts like this, we can only be grateful that you don't blog often. Don't give up the day job.

And more apologies are due to T.S. Eliot for spelling his name wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.08
It may be a sarcastic personal attack, and I certainly don't think any of the contributors should consider writing poetry as a career but I think their comments are more than justified!
Mr Allen is supposed to represent this community, he should have been at Saturdays protest, or is he afraid to face his constituents and justify his (in)actions?
I would ask him myself but I'm having trouble getting hold of him.

Anonymous said...

Clearly in the brave new world of Scottish Nationalism, no one will be free to criticise, condemn or poke fun at any politicians any more.

Unless, of course, they're members of some other party. Then it's okay!

Anonymous said...

@3:47 PM

Erm...those were qualities brought in by labour who over the last 15 years have eroded freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Re - 1.02 pm

Evidence? Or do you just - like the average Cybernat - believe in assertion?