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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The triumph of ignorance

What an open goal has been left by our MP when discussing the constitutional future.  No doubt he has been summoned to be given a severe dressing down, for letting 80 years of policy formulation unravel in one inglorious sentence.

With only a few decades to try and iron out these issues, and only a few million lines from the spin-doctors on what to say, one of the sheep has upset the entire flocking debate.

If there had been less emphasis from SNP HQ on obedience, and more on intelligence, when selecting candidates then this sort of problem wouldn't have arisen, but instead there is now a huge an unnecessary debate about a non-topic that has suddenly been given legs.

With 25% of oil revenue taken out of the equation, John Swinney's numbers look ridiculous, and that axle will be ground for the next two years.

But it is the phrase allowing an opt out for communities:
“if there was a big enough drive for self-determination”
that really intrigues.

If 75% of Edinburgh voters opt to reject independence, does that mean they remain part of England (with the Parliament in a foreign country?!)?

As in the 1979 Referendum, is there to a be a 40% of the potential voters hurdle to prove "a big enough drive"?

Would 30% of all voters for independence versus 25% against be enough of mandate, or would 70% not supporting be "enough of a drive AGAINST self-determination"?

Can Point cede from Scotland?

Can of worms.  Both barrels shooting through both the feet in the mouth.  Idiot.

The focus of the debate has now moved to oil and the economy, and not in a good way for the SNP.


Anonymous said...

Hardly worth leaving a comment really! What are you on about Angus? Don't you understand the way democracy has always worked in this country. Governments get elected with only 25% of the voting public supporting them. Councillors get elected onto the Comhairle on what - maybe 15%. Stornoway Trust with 10%.
Hey what's to shout about!

Anonymous said...

Hardly worth leaving a comment really!

But you chose to anyway... #BoringComment

Anonymous said...

Thought the MP was an embarassment in this programme...

He begins by being indiscreet, reporting on air a private conversation, and ends by continually interrupting others. In the middle, he leaves his entire party policy in ruins.

In contrast, even if you disagreed with him, the Orkney MSP was calm and reasonable. A shame really! What a poor ambassador he is for the Western Isles.

Anonymous said...

What makes Salmond and his crowd think that they will get all the revenue from the oil. It is BRITISH oil.
And how much money is he going to have left "to make Scotland so rich" after he has paid his share of the UK deficit which was primarily caused by two SCOTTISH banks. My friends in England tell me that most of the people down there are in favour of Scottish Independence as they are sick and tired of the Holyrood Whingers blaming all the problems on Westminster.

Anonymous said...

The fat boy is covering all angles, knowing that its all a bit sketchy, making sure that if it comes to a UK wide vote, he (on behalf of the Scottish people) has been so obnoxious about the rest of the UK that it will vote to ditch Scotland. Uh what happens then?

Anonymous said...

Budget headline from earlier today:

"Fuel duty to rise by 3p in August despite record petrol prices"

Will the last resident to leave the Outer Hebrides please put out the peat fire and turn off the light?

Anonymous said...

8:56 - immediate reply by Duty SNP counter blogger. Party Members have a rota of bloggers and letter writers to counter all dissent.

12:28 - Spot on but sadly with all political parties with near guaranted re-election the muppit in the seat is hard to be rid of. Just look at some of the 30 year serving Fat Cat Tories and Labour MPs. As for the SNP in Westminster what a cushy life style.

3:39 - Don't forget Salmon needs a Tory Government to have any chance of winning his Independence vote. Scots would never vote for such against Labour given its following here. English to date have not given a toss as to whether we go or stay so Salmon quite simply winds them up into an anti Scot frenzy and boldly states "look the nasty English hate us lets leave" He is after all the cleverest cookie in politics North or South of the border albeit with a Stalanist model of control.

7:20 - Please do not play into the fuel cartels hands. Every one in the UK has a 3p rise. Its the profiteering by a few here thats the problem.

Anonymous said...

Re - 8.51 pm

Any more stunts like this one and it might even in Salmond's interest to get rid of him.

Will the South of Scotland be allowed to opt out if they vote against Independence? If so, we will have to redraw the country at both its ends... It's the only logical conclusion anyone can draw from MacNeil's silly contribution the other night.