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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Comhairle view on RET and ferries

It is worth reading the Urgent report to Transportation Committee for today (sadly only available on the web 6 days after it was issued), in the name of the SNP Group Leader, which unequivocally states the position of the Comhairle.

It clearly explains why the Western Isles are being (and have been ) ill served by Government transport policies.

I don't know the outcome, but I sincerely hope it was supported without significant dispute and can be supported by everyone in the community.

(Unless I've missed something.)


Anonymous said...

This a joint report by the Chief Executive, Director of Development and Director of Technical Services. Which one of them is the SNP group leader and why are they allowed to be so when their post is politically restricted?

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting. So the report is wrong or Ron is wrong.

A basket case of wRong, wRong, wRong ......

Anonymous said...

I have a more positive view of RET, and use a different mnemonic - Retail Entrepreneurial Truckers
Have you noticed the new advert in the S Gazette for home delivery of shopping from Glasgow Asda? Competition in the market place is alive and well! Fewer articulated vehicles causing untold damage to our single-track roads, and more white vans, no more than 6 metres in length,with increased employment opportunities for those with an eye for an opportunity. Local retailers must be worried! A bag of flour for home-baking 60p from Asda/Tesco, £1.80p in local shops. Ryvita £1.00 Asda/Tesco, and £1.80 local shops. And so on, with similar comparisons for fruit and veg, detergents, sugar, butter, and all other basic household items. The OHTG have a hidden agenda, now exposed! Was RET as originally devised to the benefit of local consumers? Make up your own minds. Even with delivery door-to-door costs of 10-15%, ths new service will escalate and provide the much needed competition to local retailers. Every cloud has a silver lining!