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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, March 09, 2012

Labour Council candidates

I have just been leaked the list of candidates standing for the Labour Party at the Council elections in May

I'm told that they are all held in the highest regard by the selection committee of Pugh, Pugh, Barney MacGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb (Chair).
  • Eric Joyce  (St Kilda North, excluding the Puff Inn until the leg tag comes off)
  • Max Mosley (Point, but planning to get beaten)
  • Craig Whyte (South Uist & Barra)
  • Lord Lucan (Not disclosed)
.....More to follow


Anonymous said...

Looks like you could be one of those "scurrilous and cowardly" blogs that "have no place in the community", according to departing Comhairle convener Alex Macdonald.

Angus said...

Moi??? :-)

Anonymous said...

No, I think he was talking about Angus (Leader's Blog)Campbell. AT least that's what I took his comments to mean, ;)

After all the other blogs are just allowing people to speak their mind.

Dr Evadne said...

Politicians and other secret societies (list available for a small fee - may as well have a try too)only have themselves to blame if folk want to sound off on 'scurrilous' blogs. Most of us have tried the route 1 approach of writing to our MP/MSP/Councillor or, Lord help us, the CEO of CNES. We are then fobbed off with so much patronising garbage, if we get a reply at all. FOI requests end up producing more questions than answers. All of these people seem to forget that we pay for them, they are there to represent us and they are supposed to keep us informed. It has now got to the stage that they have convinced themselves that they are doing a marvellous job despite all of the negative evidence stacked up against them and the ritual abuse that they know is totally justified.

Anonymous said...

Dr Evadne
What rubbish! Are you serously trying to tell us that the people who hide behind the blogs to vent their bile on the Council, or any other target, have exhausted their open approaches to contact with the MP / MSP, Council Chief Executive etc.?
Of course not. I have no problem with Angus setting forth his views, or many other contributors who choose to remain anonymous, but I do get riled when vicious personalised attacks are made through this medium. It's then the mark of the coward.

Anonymous said...

Criag Whyte?, what ever is the correlation between questionable share dealings and South Uist?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dr Evadne; I too have written to my local councillor, sent the letter by recorded delivery, and got no reply at all.
Even a phone call would have done if he didn't want to put his opinion on paper, but no dice. My view is, if he can't be bothered to acknowledge me, I can't be bothered voting for him.
people who take up public office should realise how easily credibility is lost, and how hard it is to regain it.

Anonymous said...

Chortled at this - thanks - this (and much, much, more) is nicely quotable stuff for my ebook on living in the Outer Hebrides (out later in 2012 on the Kindle and Nook).

Anonymous said...

I like the Max Mosley one.

As an avid F1 follower I'm well aware of Max Mosley's shortcomings....Cup of Tea Max? ;-) Lets not mention his dad's wedding was attended by Hitler and Gobbels.....gulp.

Craig Whyte, as a Gers fan I can confirm he'd be perfect of Labour, lies and double bluff aplenty whilst lining his own pockets, he's a profile of Tony Bliar.

Kevin Paterson said...

Out of interest which one am I.

Kevin Paterson said...

Looking at your list and judging by the phone calls I am getting as the Labour Candidate for North Lochs, I ask you to clarify if you are comparing me to Eric Joyce. I have already been asked if I am prone to drunken rages and hit on 17 year old girls. The question is Angus is that what you are inferring and on what evidence?

Anonymous said...

@Kevin Paterson

God help North Lochs.