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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, March 01, 2012

No blockade

It was with great disappointed that I learned of Alex Salmond's decision not to visit the Western Isles tomorrow (Friday), as the hauliers were keen to explain the impact of the RET decision to him.

Apparently pressing constituency business at 2pm at Doncaster and Lingfield meant he couldn't unveil the plaque at the new media centre, where hauliers had intended to confront him.

In an exclusive telephone interview today, I asked him if he was prepared to discuss the issue with those affected.

"I'm not coming to Stornoway to be blockaded by some stupid truckers."
At least that sounded like what he said.

It looks like democratic debate is a good thing, but only if you agree with what Salmond says.


John Dory with a story said...

Salmon chanted evening this poor sole will come around to our plaice to a herring with the cod folk of Lewis. Eel not come he said as we will grab him by the guarnards as he drinks his pint of bass. So it looks if fish face will keep us whiting. This bullhead who is wide in the bream just carps on and on in my opinion. I am floundering and falling from my perch now so blowfish this old trout is of to get its mullet cut. This is all pollocks anyway. Just thought i would bring a ray of tope and release the tench on. Hoki doki and ting a ling.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, the sooner we get Lamont, Baillie, Macdonald et al back in charge the better. Cheap booze n fags, plenty benefits no questions asked and the natural order restored to Glasgow.

Everything will be back as it was and Salmond and the SNP will have been nothing but a bad dream. Labour and the Tories can relax and go back to their interminable power games without the hindrance of chippy Scots wanting a say in how things are run.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Angus has been put forward for the Man Booker prize 2012 for his latest 2 works:

101 things my glorious Labour pals could have achieved if it wasn't for that pesky election and democracy last year


1001 snidey blogs at those blasted SNP fools

Anonymous said...

I think he's waiting until they finish the "media centre"

Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree with 8.22, but we recently had a"chippy Scot"as Prime Minister, running the whole of the UK government.
I don't think he was useless because he was a Scot; he was just useless. Equally, being a Scot does not guarantee excellence at the task of government.
Racism and nationalism are not the way forward, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

regarding the comment by 8:22 you have obviously forgot we also had a scot with a wee house on Great Bernera looking after the nations finances and look what a massive cock up he made of it. AND he was totally against RET and the fuel duty discount.

Anonymous said...

4.01 5.36 It’s not about racism or nationality. You are sticking to a tired line that is getting you nowhere and has no resonance in the country because it’s not true.

Scottish Labour are so far behind the curve in this debate they will announce tomorrow that a commission will be set up to look into more powers for the Scottish Parliament the day after an Ipsos Mori poll shows overwhelming 70% support for a Devo Max option.

Anonymous said...

7.20 seems to put a lot of faith in politics; I don't.I think politicians are out for power for themselves. If the electorate are happy with what the politician does, that's a bonus for him/her, but I don't think doing their best for the voters is the main motivation.
So far the voters have not been given adequate facts on which to base their voting choices. Smooth talk from politicians just means the proposal is likely to benefit the politicians, in my experience. This is so much of a "tired line" it's a cliche. I think 7.30 is extremely naive, and I hope he/she will wake up soon and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Never miss a chance to grind the axe Angus, cant be much left now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 4.37, I'm not Angus -I'm just an ordinary member of the Scottish electorate.