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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Somewhat belatedly I've become aware of a change in policy at the Hebridean Housing Partnership whereby contractors will no longer be paid for the time spent by apprentices.

In the past, the arrangement with the Comhairle was that the Housing Department paid for apprentices to learn the trade, as part of the greater "social good" role of the public sector.

This arrangement was unilaterally changed by HHP, in effect penalising good employers and to the benefit of those who cannot, will not or do not train apprentices.

This is despite an explicit promise in the privatisation document. Do the Board know what is happening?

A look at the minutes doesn't help, as none are made public. This is obviously unhelpful as far as public confidence is concerned.

Have a look at the agendas, though. The June 2007 agenda allows precisely 10 minutes for the Board to consider, discuss and seek clarification over the 5 year cash flow. Please tell me that this is not right.

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Anonymous said...

There are huge problems, a lot of them are historic personality clashes between the DSO and what was the housing dept and now HHP.
The introduction of new systems without proper dialogue has excasapated the situation, nobody really has a clue and it really is bringing a new edge to crisis managment.