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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Schools PFI

The penny has finally dropped for the Commons Education Select Committee.

Three PFI schools are closing because of a lack of pupils, but councils are still contracted to pay the bills.

In Brighton the local authority is having to pay £4.5m to release itself from the contract.

The committee says ensuring that a contract covers all the possibilities that might arise in the 25 years or so it is set to run is "virtually impossible".

Hopefully the Executive will take on board the constructive criticism of the Commons and will abandon this stupid, expensive and restrictive idea and allow the Comhairle to build, operate and control the schools rather than mortgaging the pupils' future.

I understand that Cllr Norman MacLeod, and his fellow Point Councillors are livid at the prospect of further delay in rebuilding schools in Point. If this insane scheme continues, the problems and delays won't have even started yet.

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