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Monday, August 20, 2007

Multi-member wards

These are settling down and the councillor are getting into the routine of treading on each others toes, irritating each other, duplicating time and effort on the same problems, and getting played-off one against the other by a few 'difficult' constituents.

I was never a fan of multi-member wards - indeed, I spoke against them repeatedly - as I could see what would happen.

Most Councillors have split up the bigger wards into their 'own' territories, so that they continue to take care of a specific group of constituents. So far so good, expect it kind of makes a mockery of the principle of larger wards.

Those with more time on their hands, those who do not have outside commitments, are finding it less easy to adapt to any restrictions on their activities, and as a consequence they are treading all over the toes of their nominal colleagues.

Every one is getting fraught about this, and with good reason, as communications between the various councillor appears not to be the best - whether that is deliberate or not is difficult to judge. In most cases.

There is a simple solution to this, but I'll save that for when I return to the Comhairle ;-)

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