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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Harris -- a National Park

The Ramblers Association want to designate Harris as a National Park.

The 'advantages' of being in a National Park can be seen here, where a member of the Executive rails (nicely and politely) against the restrictions it brings.

In case you were wondering where I stood on piling yet another designation on Harris in addition to the National Scenic Area, Special Site of Scientific Interest, Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area.

No, No, No, NO, NO, No, NO, NO!

What were the North Harris Trust thinking when they wrote this letter to the Executive? It may have been an attempt to stop the Marine Park (another loopy idea) but they might as well have put the 12-bore inside their wellies and the wellies in their mouths before the pulling the trigger by signing this letter.

Minister contemplating North Harris Trust windfarm application: "They are in an NSA and want to be an National Park? If they want to be a National Park, then we really need to put the windfarms on the back-burner."

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