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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's good to see the yard at Arnish delivering it's first contract for 16 wind towers in Belgium.

It is also very good for the island to hear that there are many more contracts in the pipeline and that over 50 people are employed.

You can tell when Arnish is doing well, as the amount of cash wages injected into the local economy makes a substantial difference to the shop keepers, publicans and the domestic builders. When Arnish is facing an uncertain future, the spending dries up noticeably, as the employees sit on their cash, and at the present time we are still at that stage.

Hopefully the contracts will be won, and the local economy will prosper on the back of it.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine all the benefits for the island from building and erecting the towers here.

Or do the SNP expect us to live on hand-outs for ever?

Anonymous said...

Have the SNP any policy for actualy bringing any econominc developments to the islands?

No they dont.

No wonder the exodus of young people continues....

Anonymous said...

Sandy Cumming of HIE is quoted in the John O'Groats Journal today saying:

"How do you connect the fantastic resource of our islands, whether it's wind, wave or tidal, and how do you make the Pentland Firth or the Western Isles a powerhouse for the rest of the country?"

If you are the Western Isles SNP, the answer is that you campaign against that fabulous opportunity and encourage the people to rely on measly grants instead.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Arnish. I’m sure “Anyone But Macneil” and Absent Alien will be out there shortly to congratulate the company. Meanwhile, back at home they deceive the people of North Harris with warm words of support, after THEIR government stops the construction of 3 turbines on north harris trust land, and then trash the people of Lochs (including the hardworking councillor, Annie MacDonald – a fellow Nat) by ensuring that Eisken is also subject to public inquiry. Are there no limits to these fellow’s talents and brass neck?

Anyway, they are not here to serve to people of the islands they exist to help Wee Eck produce a Bill on an issue that less that 25% of Scots want - a separate state.