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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Renewal energy

Low emission cars came about because California mandated that a certain percentage of the vehicles on their roads had to be low emission by a fixed deadline. The State's buying power meant that the manufactures complied, and a virtuous circle began. In a similar, the smoking ban in Wales lead to a UK wide smoking ban.

The development of renewable energy - that is at a cost-effective and efficient price - requires Government incentives and direct action to distort the market to drive it in a particular direction. The decision to ban traditional light bulbs in favour of low energy models is such an example. The price advantage is still with the traditional models, but soon, as volumes grow, the energy efficient models will drop in price and people will realise that it is cheaper and better in the long run to buy the fluorescent bulbs.

So it with a glad heart that I see that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided to give further tax breaks to renewables in a further effort to stimulate their development. If anything will achieve this aim, it will be the sheer might and buying power of the US.

If anything can try to stop this, it is the puppet/muppet in the White House and his paymasters in the oil companies who see the loss of £8,000,000,000 in annual subsidies as part of a complementary disincentive programme.

Yes, the US Government pays £8bn in subsidies to Big Oil. Why? How can that be justified when Exxon alone makes $10,000,000,000 per quarter or $1,300 per second, all of which goes to private shareholders.

However, the outlook for the planet is good, and I suspect we will see new and unexpected delivery mechanisms sooner rather than later, and covering the whole range of possibilities.

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