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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It could have been handled better...

Said Fiona Hyslop about the fact that the Comhairle are having to make tough decisions to find the funds to line the pockets of lawyers, accountants and construction companies - as instructed last week by Finance Minister, John Swinney.

Perhaps the intrusion of reality into a photo-opportunity was too much to bear.

As for handling it better --- I am reliably informed that Ms Hyslop failed to handle it very well as she traipsed around some of the schools.

Accompanied by Morag Munro, Chair of Education, and Murdo MacLeod, Director of Education, she was described as being like "A bear with a sore head", and stormed around.

I understand that when she visited some of the schools, Morag and Murdo were forced to sit outside - so as not to impinge on the photoshoot - whilst Ms Hyslop and Mr Allan spoke to pupils, teachers and staff. How to win friends and influence people!!

If that had been me who had been so insulted, I would have walked ... and let the press know why, but Morag and Murdo are exceptionally nice and polite individuals.

Did Ms Hyslop discuss the reasons for the debate on the possible closures with Mrs Munro
and Mr MacLeod? I understand not, yet John Swinney was happy to demand the financial framework for the schools PFI that necessitates those very closures.

Talk about joined-up Government.


Anonymous said...

She was more like a slightly feminine bulldog with a raging hangover.

Poor Morag and Murdo being humiliated like that. Her behaviour was beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

This just shows the arrogance of the SNP. It goes to show the type of so called politicians we have running our country. I hope Morag and Murdo make this known to the national press.
No point in passing it on to the local SNP gazette as Donnie would not allow to run with it. He would put a twist on the story as he is such a twisted individual.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:56 do you believe the West Highland Free Press is an honest and balanced local newspaper?

Anonymous said...

"anon 7:56 do you believe the West Highland Free Press is an honest and balanced local newspaper?"

Now there's a rhetorical question! :-)

Anonymous said...

white heather feels prickly said...
anon 7:56 do you believe the West Highland Free Press is an honest and balanced local newspaper?
The WHFP has always claimed to be a Labour supporting newspaper. Unlike the Gazette who say they sit on the fence. The problem is that it is the SNP that is on both sides of the fence.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that we heard no word from the slightly feminine bulldog with a raging hangover, when Edinburgh City Council proposed to close 22 schools. Could this have anything to do with the SNP being in cahoots with another political party in Edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

THE Scottish Executive this week denied claims that the Education Minister, Fiona Hyslop had snubbed Comhairle officials during her recent visit to Lionel School.

The Comhairle's Chair of Education, Morag Munro, and Director, Murdo Macleod, were both present in the school as Mrs Hyslop conducted her tour, but neither accompanied her through the premises.

On the day, Mrs Hyslop said she was 'very surprised' to learn that the Comhairle had prepared a paper considering the closure of eleven island schools, and questioned the timing of the publication of that report.

Clearly annoyed, she had told the 'Gazette': "I am absolutely clear I believe that rural schools should be there for rural communities, and for island communities in the case of the Western Isles."

This week, a spokesman for Mrs Hyslop said that it was 'absolutely not the case' that the Comhairle officials had been snubbed.
A spokesman for the Comhairle added: "There was a crowd of people present and it was felt it would be too disruptive to schoolchildren to have everyone in the same room. No offence was taken. The imperative thing is that we work together to deliver the best educational provision for children in the Western Isles."