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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Schools policy

With the possible closure of schools ('rationalisation') back on the agenda following a seminar in the Comhairle last week, it is an appropriate time for the Education Minister to visit the islands.

Hopefully she will have some rational explanation for why the Comhairle is having to build the new schools on a 30-year HP scheme, when the population changes are quite substantial. There are fewer pupils and the different schools are barely able to accurately project school roles over the next 10 years, far less tie themselves into a 30-year scheme.

But the real questions has got to be, why are the Executive happy to fund £1 million in legal fees and an extra £50 million (?) in borrowing costs for the five schools, but cannot find the money for free school milk for children?

free school milkNo milk: and the lawyers get the cream

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