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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear Councillor

As I know that the Councillors haven't been told, the itinerary for John Swinney's visit is as follows:-

0900 meeting with Convener, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
1100 visit to Voluntary Action Lewis, 30 Francis Street, Stornoway (PHOTOCALL)
1315 John Swinney making anouncement (sic) relating to ferries - Pier No 3, Stornoway Harbour
(PHOTOCALL, with camera set up from 1245)
1400 Visit to businesses at Arnish (details and availability of photo ops to be confirmed)
1430 visit to Hydrogen labs, Lews Castle College, Stornoway (PHOTOCALL)
1700 meeting with local SNP members

If someone sees either the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee can you tell them about the BIG announcement, as they have not been invited to the pier to hear it. I think Mr Manford might have been invited to the meeting at 5pm.

It'll have to be a quick announcement (that's 2 'n's) to allow 30 minutes to visit Arnish and tour both businesses.


Anonymous said...

Another non-event. Another study.

The Labour Party had 40% set aside for implmenting ferry cuts in May. Where has that money gone, and why can't that be used to give us cuts immediately.

Look forward to another announcement next year that the study has been completed.

And no implementation for another year after that.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party proposal was to cut the price for foot passengers on the ferry.

The SNP pilot will cut the fares for vehicles on one or more routes.

The amount of money that they invest in it will be decided in the budget which all parties will vote on.

If feedback from the islands is that people would prefer Labour's proposals then you can expect the SNP to accept that with alacrity because that would cost a fraction of the RET pilot.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at Donald J Macsween trying not to look gutted on North Tonight. The people of the Western Isles are "insulted" he said. ?? Aye? I'm insulted having that plonker speak on my behalf.

Never let these people tell us they have the interests of the Western Isles at heart when they cant give credit where its due because of party lines.

If this had been Alasdair Morrison or Calum MacDonald or a Labour Exec they would have been praising them to the rafters. (Except they didn't support RET, or did Mr Macsween call on them to implement it)

Its potentially the best thing to happen to the Scottish islands (not just ours) since the flippin' vikings left and some people are just so gutted you can see it in their faces. Sad or what?

Anonymous said...

As view from the rudha says the removal of the transportation burden could potentially be of enormous benefit to the Islands and lets not knock it, and if it comes through after the study is carried out then well done to all concerned.
However what was delivered the other day is not what Alasdair Alan promised before he was elected, he said that RET would be immediately introduced as a pilot scheme and trialled in the Western Isles before being rolled out elsewhere in Scotland.
RET would be great but it is only part of a wider solution which includes faster and more frequent ferries including a civilised debate on Sunday travel.
The one question I do have is how can any of the above be contemplated when the tendering process is still ongoing?

Angus said...


You make a very good point about the tendering process being an insurmountable obstacle, and something I had forgotten.

However, if it WERE insurmountable, then Swinney could have used that as an easy excuse for delay. That he didn't speaks volumes. I just wish I knew where the loophole was (perhaps the right of the state to cancel the process??)