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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hotels in the Western Isles

"Service and quality are a joke in Western Isles, says minister"

Just as well Mike Russell is not Tourism Minister. As someone who travels through the islands regularly, I have to disagree with him - service is very high, and the quality is getting progressively better. The only places I feel ripped off are in Edinburgh & Glasgow where they try to charge you £2.50+ for a scabby paper cup of brown water mis-described as coffee.

"There was criticism for arbitrary opening hours and surly bar service on the ferry from Oban to Barra."

Complain the the owners then! The owners being - of course - the Scottish Executive.

Now, perhaps, he understands what the rest of us have to put up with as a matter of course.


Anonymous said...

Presumably, Mike Russell never made it to Berneray, or he would have been even more scathing about customer service.

Anonymous said...

Or if we actually read past the out-of-context sensationalist headline and read what he actually said we find that he praised most of the hotels he was in and slated those that deserved it. So I feel Mike Russell has done nothing wrong - no the ones that have done something wrong is those that take part of a sentence out of context and try and distill a whole article/blog down to those few words.

Anonymous said...

I was travelling, with my children, from Caithness to Uig on Sunday and decided to stop en route for a meal. We eventually went to Saucy Mary's in Kyleakin where after waiting almost an hour we were served with most of what we ordered.
If you want bad service & surly (and useless) bar staff this is the place to go!

Anonymous said...

Living away for the last two years and returning for work, experienced all of the following:
freezing bedroom with carpet covered in the remains of a previous guest's poppadums;
antiquated bathroom complete with leaking toilet and no shower;
bedbugs (request for reduction refused);
no guest catering on Sunday;
chicken curry with the chicken missing;
overhearing a German gent being told in the Tourist Information that 'it's not my job to help with buses'.
Meanwhile visited Orkney and Shetland recently to discover such wonders as B&Bs offering free wi-fi and laundry facilities and tourist information offices with sofas, tea and coffee and internet terminals. Of course there are some great establishments around the islands, but there are a lot of terrible ones charging a high price, too. For the tourist experiencing the latter, what incentive to return, particularly if we jump to their defence?

Anonymous said...

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