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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Airport strikes

With no flights into Stornoway yesterday this meant that there was no incoming mail, and obviously there was a big impact on those intending to travel.

With another strike planned for 4 July, the prospects look poor with a summer of disruption in prospect.

It was good to see our MSP call for Ministers to intervene in the dispute*. After all the strike is coming about because of the cuts in the budget set by the SNP, when I highlighted the £3m savings required from HIAL.

At the time I asked the simple questions, "How will this affect service delivery?" to which we now have the answer.

Omelettes and eggs is an appropriate simile for the process. This whole process is symptomatic of the responsibility of being in Government, and taking tough decisions is something the SNP will have to face up to and take the flak for.

* Actually this was Tavish Scott. As far as I can tell, our MSP has no public opinion on this matter.

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Blow me....Angus