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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, June 09, 2008


Word reaches me from a current employee of Somerfield about the glorious employment future they face.

Since Somerfield pulled out of Stornoway the staff have been laid-off, getting a retained payment until their employment transfers to Tesco.

The contracts are out. Staff are being offered 20 hours per week on a fixed rota, with no changes in their rota allowed. If Mary wants this Friday off, she can't swap with Joan on the Saturday shift. She loses her hours (and her job?).

Existing staff are debating whether to stay or go and the huge pile of mail with applications for other vacancies will be sifted when the real number of vacancies is established. No doubt at lower wages than the retained staff - for that is how Tesco makes it's money.

When Tesco promised 50 new jobs (or was it 100 or 150?) everyone else assumed full-time posts. The reality is a bigger pool of part-timers who become dependent upon the whim of the employer.


Anonymous said...

Fact - the Tesco hourly rate is more than the Somerfields rate.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know whether they got their Sunday licence and more importantly are they going to use it? Do any of these new contracts include Sundays as a part of their shift??

Anonymous said...

Maybe time for the island to secure a covered market so that local producers can secure pitches on a flexible basis. In a suitable, acessible location it could do a cracking trade.

Think big and check out Granville Island in Vancouver, serving a city, granted, but a really vibrant place with small stalls selling food veg and crafts doing a cracking trade.

No reason why SY shouldn't have mini version.

Anonymous said...

Tesco works to a choice of flexible shift patterns, staff simply choose the shift pattern that suits their lives. Saves messing about with tailoring rotas to suit dozens of individuals week in week week out. Pretty standard really.

Anonymous said...

Never assumed that it would be full time posts.
Just look at the people working in (virtualy) any retail environment. Most are P/T. That's the nature of the retail industry.

Anonymous said...

fact - Tescos will do you in any way they can!

Anonymous said...

12:58 As will the retaillers up here!