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Monday, June 23, 2008

Faulty arithmetic

Strangely, and most surprisingly, no-one has corrected my error in the previous posting on the school closure debate.

It was not surprising that the arithmetic didn't seem to add up, when I had missed another absentee.

None other than Donald John MacSween was also missing from the debate and the crucial decisions - apparently also absent on Council business.

As a comment on the blog says, no doubt these people will all 'redeem' themselves by making their positions very clear when the full Council meet this week.

The above information provided to me by a usually reliable source is nonsense. Mr MacSween is not on the Education Committee.

Can anyone provide the lists of those voting for and against the proposals?


Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Are you sure that was an accidental oversight, Angus?

Anonymous said...

Angus, as you are a man of business and figures, plus council veteran. Can you please explain to us bewildered souls, what the company/committee/trust (can't find the name of it) is that the council has set up in connection with the new schools, I think a number of councillors are directors.

Also it seems that a lot of other community projects going ahead depends on the schools closures releasing money. It seems strange that money for education can be channeled elsewhere ? How does it work?

Anonymous said...

I cannot see D J Macsween name down as a member on the Education committee. I would check the list on the previous blog.

Anonymous said...

For the benifit of 09.31.
10M of Capital program work is held until identified savings are confirmed. If these are confirmed 10M of Capital work is released.
If not, up to 10M is fed into Schools project to close gap and these items do not go ahead 08-11.

Anonymous said...

Remember Angus, wrong information/nonsense supplied by a "usually reliable source" automatically makes him/her an unreliable source forevermore.