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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guestimate at fuel duty

According to the Comhairle, in 1994-95 (the only years for which they have data) the following were the fuel imports to Stornoway:
  • Diesel - 3,114 tonnes
  • Unleaded - 3,116 tonnes
  • Leaded - 4,043 tonnes
I'd stab a guess at that being around 15,000 tonnes today, allowing for Uist & Barra and increases in the numbers of vehicles.

As far as I can tell, 1 tonne of fuel = 7.2 barrels and 1 barrel = 159 litres, therefore 1 tonne = 1,145 litres, and consequently the islands use about 17m litres per annum.

Fuel duty is 50.35 p per litre, so the Treasury takes about £9m in fuel duty from the islands each year, plus VAT making £11m in round terms - or £430 for every man, woman and child.

Fuel duty yields about £8.5bn pa so our share of the tax is lost in the rounding.

Anyone feel a campaign coming on...

Any politician is free to use these figures, but if they fail to credit the source they will get a verbal kicking.


Anonymous said...

Your figures of course understate the actual usage of fuel since, if the Western Isles folk are like Orcadians, every time you come back from south, you fill your tank brim full at the last cheapest point which for us is Wick with, dare I say it, Tescos.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are very like the Orkney folk - in that we like a good deal - unfortunately we aren't able to get over to the mainland as often as the Orcadians - Angus will you remind us why?

Anonymous said...

11:51 AM - Because the Comhairle still haven't funded the building of a 24/7 weather proof, tidal proof, erosion proof tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Dammed council cheapskates! Cutting back on the schools would free up the money to build the tunnel.{:-)
Question; given that the ferries don't run on a Sunday (& according to Rev Coghill et al there is no need for them to. Would it (the tunnel) be open on a Sunday? {;-))

Anonymous said...

A new post Angus?

Groundhog day!

Anonymous said...

Odd timing for the Exec to announce part consent about this windfarm when it is still being considered in full. No doubt MWT will now go for judicial review?

And the other one mentioned offshore. Good news for Arnish I presume. Towers and pilling would keep them in work for some time.