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Monday, June 02, 2008

Uist House - again

Donald Manford phoned me over the weekend in connection with the above.

He had followed up my earlier blog about the shortfall in the funding, and has tried to get to the bottom of what is going on.

He has had confirmation from the Hebridean Housing Partnership that the £350,000 for supported accommodation in the building has been lost, although he cannot confirm exactly how this happened, but that there are some extreme political sensitivities about this coming into the public domain.

He is running with the story in Am Paipear this week, and hence I am allowed to go public with this too.

It appears that HHP may be able to get the money at the end of the year; but only if there is an underspend in their other budgets! Which is better than nothing, but not by very much at all.

Hopefully questions will be asked by Councillors, and answers provided in the public domain.

On another issue; driving past the building last week it looks beautiful from the outside. I am told that it is 5* standard inside, with en-suite shower rooms for the elderly residents.

The shower rooms have slate tiles.

Which, unfortunately, become treacherously slippy when wet,and have already resulted in one broken limb.

As there is underfloor heating in the en-suites, the tiles cannot be removed, and instead are to be covered with a lino or vinyl non-slip surface. Did no-one think about this when the floors were being specified???

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