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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, June 06, 2008

Small Business Rates

They don't (all) have it in for me in the Council.

The revised notice came through yesterday with the 80% rates relief, but we have already paid 50% to account with the first monthly direct debit.

Thanks Comhairle.


Anonymous said...

Q. How come the SNP didn't know north sea oil was running out?

A. The dipsticks were in London!

Thank you Herald!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angus,
Take a (payment) holiday or ask them for the money back, or if they keep it can you have the interest that their exchequer dept will earn on it?! {;-))

The joys of direct debits! I always pay my rates/council tax/poll tax (or whatever the current name is) one month in arrears. That way at least I get a feeling they've worked for their money. {;-)

Anonymous said...


Is that a Trump-esque wig you are sporting there? $;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Mr Haggas is funding the Harris Tweed film being shot up here? Director is Peter Richardson, he of Comic Book Presents fame.