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Monday, June 23, 2008

Schools PPP

There is obviously a considerable degree of interest in just how the PP is going to operate, and some comments have already been made about the impact on services.

I'm not disputing the figures of £10m of Capital Expenditure on hold until the savings can be found elsewhere. And just what are those savings going to be, other than staffing? I actually expected the impact to be around £7.5m based on the figures I had seen, and then adding a lot for over-runs, but the Council are right to be cautious.

The first port of call for information is the Comhairle webpage, which is moderately informative, but raises so many questions; whilst omitting a significant fact.

There are two companies (yes, like you I thought that there was only one):
Both are registered at McRoberts, Solicitors, Edinburgh.

I'm bemused at how the "Investment" company fits into the diagram of the process, but no doubt the well paid lawyers have good reason for making it all more complex.

No doubt more on the financial implications will come out shortly, or if more information is provided to me by those in the know (hint, hint!), then you will read it here.

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