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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Confidential documents

Hazel Blears - arseWith the Government protecting confidential documents with all the due care of a deciduous tree in Winter, it was only a matter of time before one of the prime idiots was proven to be incapable of rational thought.

Or perhaps she just doesn't give a stuff about propriety and process.

I refer to none other than the Member for Salford, Ms Hazel Blears, one of the 'usual suspects' for patronising comment and oily self-aggrandisement rolled out by Labour whenever a smooth-talking, answer-avoiding, greasy-pole climbing brown-nosed is needed to defend the indefensible. And one who has little regard for the need for rationalisation in defending any and every position.

Of course, having your laptop nicked from your office is unfortunate. Having restricted and politically sensitive files on it is just plain STUPID.

Or as the horses arse put it herself:

Responsible leadership is about supporting the police and security services in their efforts to tackle terrorism so that all in society can be safe and secure.

And her belief in the importance of good security is clear from her website:

The Prime Minister’s last Queen Speech was on Wednesday and the theme for this year was Security in a Changing World: Security from the growing threat of terrorism; security of our borders against illegal immigration; security for the individual in their homes and in their community against crime and anti-social behaviour.

And she does know what she is talking about:

[She was] Minister of State for Crime Reduction, Policing and Community Safety.

I hope someone takes her into a quiet corner and hands her the metaphorical revolver.

However, I fear that the Civil Servants will be pilloried whilst she oozes off the hook and onto the next position from which she can continue to show her ability to do nothing significant.

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