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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Irish reject the Lisbon Treaty

I am not surprised that the Irish rejected the Treaty, given that the opponents could cherry-pick the reasons for rejection whilst the supporters had to justify support for every line on an impenetrable document.

The surprise is that the defeat was by such a small margin.

The big question is: Is the Treaty dead?

Well, yes, technically, as every country required to ratify it before it could proceed. But, I don't expect the centralists to take this lying down, and I expect some way will be found for the Treaty to proceed, irrespective of the Irish result. Unless some of the other countries dig their heels in, and demand renegotiation.

But is this outcome A Good Thing?

I confess to being in two minds about this.

On one hand I support the idea of a more united Europe, as being a step in the right direction for unity, harmony and greater understanding between former enemies.

On the other, I oppose the centralisation of economic power and the Rise of the Empire of the Unelected.

I love the simplicity of using the Euro wherever I go; yet, I appreciate and understand the decision of Denmark and Sweden to retain their own currency (posts passim).

The political reaction has been just as schizophrenic.

Labour are set to ignore or work around the vote, in the interests of the 'greater good' (sic) whilst still deploying their xenophobic tactics of blaming 'Europe' (for which read 'Foreigners') for everything that goes wrong.

The SNP nationally have been silent, probably because they realise the complexities in the potential outcomes. But will have to take a stance at some point.

Locally, our MP showed his anti-European stance by supporting an Irish 'No' vote in the company of some seriously serial anti-Europeans. This, of course, conflicted with the SNP position of Independence in Europe. And, fond as he is of citing Ireland as an economic comparator, even he must surely realise that Ireland became the Celtic Tiger it was through magnificent use of massive funds transfers from the EU, which demonstrates the inherent conflicts in his stance.

One thing for certain, the Unelected will try to push through a void Treaty, whilst trying to keep the public from having a say.

Personally, I think the time has come for a comprehensive root-and-branch review of the purpose of the EU, starting with a plan to dismantle many of the superfluous structures, and ending with a opportunity for the public to decide if they like what is on offer.

Will this be offered to the public? You must be joking! That would mean that some members of the Empire of the Unelected might have to justify their existence, and we can't have that.


Anonymous said...

When did being against the Lisbon Treaty make you against independence in Europe?

Just because the SNP is pro Europe doesnt mean it has to accept every shape and form Europe decides it wants to take.

Obvious really.

Anonymous said...

SNP wanted a referendum (and a 'no' vote in Scotland on this but there's no mechanism for this thanks to the bloody Unionists!