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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brown -v- the volcano

Their is joy and glad throughout the land as Gordon has beaten Vulcan and the Icelandic vandals who have been spreading dead, destruction and political chaos across the land.

As the PM promised, the Ark Royal has been tasked to leave the war games off the coast of Lewis and to travel to Northern Spain to rescue potential votes stranded tourists from the flesh pots of Costa del Chips.

Except, the Ark Royal has received no orders and knows nothing more than what they have seen on the TV, on what appears to have been an on-the-hoof comment.

Listening to Willie Walsh tonight, and reading today about how the entire closure decision was based on a theoretical model with little or no testing of the evidence, there will be questions about how this whole matter was handled.

But, they will be on the other side of the election and only after the grateful voters thank Gordon for his decisive leadership.


Anonymous said...

You really would have thought that he would have tried, just once, to get something right.

And yet they vote for him (see your own figures on polls.... amazing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody here is voting for GB. He's useless and an embarrassment, and I'm not keen on Macsween, but I'm voting Labour to keep the self-important bumblef*ck from re-election, and because the SNP is irrelevant in Westminster.

Anonymous said...

so you are voting for GB...

Anonymous said...

...even if it is with less G than B

disponded said...

Gordon Brown's recent correspondence with the Icelandic Government.

Dear Iceland,
We said "send CASH".
Yours sincerely,
United Kingdom


Dear United Kingdom,
You should have stopped to consider that there is no letter "C" in the
Icelandic alphabet [] before issuing your demand.
With best,

Anonymous said...

More of the "brown" stuff then? Can we take anymore of "a Gordon for me, a Gordon for me" - never even elected to be PM.

A "Balanced" hung parliament seems most likely outcome - the brown stuff might benefit from being hung - the longer the better.

Anonymous said...

Re - 11.35

I see you're spraying more than a little Brown stuff of your own - along with evidence of your stupidity!

We don't elect Prime Ministers in this country. Never have done. We elect parties.

Anonymous said...

RE 6.03pm. I think you're now peeing in the wind!
I never said GB never elected by the electorate - I said GB "never elected as PM", full stop. T Bliar said at last election he would serve a full term. Electorate deceived yet again.
GB as Chancellor a good candidate for PM for distressed/shambolic Labour Party given his record of raiding pension funds, denying our troops the proper equipment, and saying the banks can self-regulate (aye, right again then, eh?).
No other candidate wants to captain a sinking ship - Alan Johnson, David Milliband - No Sir!
GB asked to check his credentials, ie expenses for 2nd home, and his cleaner's expenses. How much? Never!
T Bliar off to US of A to mix with his old (warmongering) pals and to earn another few £m's. Iraq Inquiry - least said ...
PSBR of £170 billion rising by the minute. Trident - not to be referred to Strategic Defence Review AFTER the election - just another £97,000,000,000. Little Teddies closing (?) because of shortfall of £30,000. Aye, right again, eh? Front-line services being protected?
Thanks to Nick Clegg the political processes involved in electing MP's to Westminster will never be the same again. PR will be the cost of some strange alliances.
The umbilical cord linking us to Westminster and starving us of our sustenance requires to be severed, once and for all.
No overall majority will exist and a "hung" balanced parliament will need to be controlled. Scotland's best interests will require to be looked after by the SNP, before full independence for Scotland can be realised. The Westminster debacle will accelerate the cause of independence.