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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rockets (2)

The pattern of the coming election is making itself clear, as intel makes its way across an ocean and some timezones to my computer.

The SNP are going to pin the blame for everything on Gordon Brown and Labour, and fairly fertile furrow to plough, and one that lends itself to every sort of attack, whether justifiable or not. Some of it can be fully justified and these are the strongest elements; such as fuel duty rises, where the SNP don't have to justify any sort of contrary policy. At least not at present.

Labour are going to focus on the record of Mr MacNeil, and the criticism of his role in the Rocket Range issue is very, very powerful in Uist. Some of it may not be true – but, as I said to a senior SNP member who made that comment – it's not truth but perception that is important. This plays exceptionally well in Uist, and I am not sure that the SNP realise the impact it has had on their vote, but my direct feedback from friends, clients and people I bump into tells me that it may be a pivotal election issue.

The LibDems will plod along making earnest, honest, statements and almost no headway. Which is probably undeserved for Jean Davis and her serious workload.

The Tories will appear, get their quota of votes from an ageing and dying voting base, and disappear until weeks before the next vote with another anonymous candidate.

Murdo Murray will earnestly knock doors, attend Church services and shake hands in an old-fashioned politician kind of way. I have a huge amount of respect for Murdo as a man of integrity and sincerity, although I do not share his views or his aspirations. He will probably meet the most voters in a one-to-one situation and his votes will reflect this.

At the turn of the year I forecast that the Christian Party would cost the SNP the election, purely through the spending power.

Illness, incompetence, a lack of transparency and finally a complete change of tack will dull their performance, but I still think that they will tip the election.

My forecast was for a Labour victory, and I still stand by that prediction, but if they win it will be by a very tight and small margin; but I plead a large margin of error from undecided voters at present.

My justification for this is that whilst Labour have pulled back in the polls in a way I didn't think was possible, some of the attack on the SNP will be dulled by repetition and the passage of time and it really is all to play for.

The importance of the seat to both parties is evidenced by the draft lists of big names that will visit the islands in the next 4 weeks. Our job is to screw the biggest and best promises out of both parties, and then hold them to those promises. Remember the competing promises over ferry fares at the last elections? If they want our votes they are going to have to promise big and persuade us that they can deliver.


Anonymous said...

Is the MP's behaviour over the Uist Range seriously only about perception, Angus?

Doesn't the fact that AB was demanding Jim Murphy's resignation before the decision was made and also the fact that he was in the United States when it occurred tell us a great deal about the extraordinary ego of the man?

The way, too, that some of his supporters rushed around blaming the councillor for Point for the whole fiasco was also amazingly comic. (Why not Harris? Ness? Uig?)

It reminded me of Corporal Jones in 'Dad's Army' rushing around, crying 'Don't Panic! Don't Panic!' - as if the responsibility for the farce was anyone but A.B's!

Such coolness and control in adversity. One could only gasp in admiration at the strength and courage of it all.

Anonymous said...

Agree with views about Murdo Murray. Word spreading through church circles that Murdo Murray has refused to embrace his "brother" another Murdo - of the Maroot variey - who said, without blushing that he was praying for him. Murdo Murray too shrewd and saw through the sleekit ones strategy and said thanks but no thanks. Maroot "appalled" by hapless allan campaign in south uist on sunday - made his vewis clear to all - but no-one is buying his brand of disingenous sh%te.

Anonymous said...

Surely no truth in the rumour that the nats have desterted the Great Invisible Barra Bhoy. Alasdair Allan also distancing himself(not a stupid man) from Macneil and his doomed campaign. it's now down to a hard core of the bravehearts and those clowns who wear military fatigues during election campaigns - you've got to laugh....

Anonymous said...

Far from disappering - our MSP has been very visible. He heads up the young nats' branch - explaining to possible recruits that if you join the snp youth branch - that he'll perosnally help "widen the circle of your friends". Privately known in the snp as the Cardinal Ratzinger Appreciation Society.

Anonymous said...

i see from the banner on heb news that the Comedy Unit within the SNP has been activated; they attached the word "working" to AB's name. you've got to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Angus, I think that if you have any regard for taste or decency, you will remove the disgusting remark made by 10:37. I don't think that the tragedy of abused children is a matter for flippancy and it offends any right-thinking person to see it referred to in this crass manner.

Anonymous said...

Think the SNP are going low key for this election, probably on the basis that Macsween is a prat. They should walk it! Most will vote SNP to keep him out.

Anonymous said...

9:27, I'm a right thinking person and I don't find it offensive. Please don't think that you know what we all think, you don't.

Have a nice day y'all. {;-)

Anonymous said...


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

See you on the 7th May and will personally feed you your humble pie.

Anonymous said...

RE - 9.31

Given the current state of both the local and national economy, the last thing the Western Isles needs as an MP for the next few years is a nice man.

They need an able one instead.

Anonymous said...

We have a really nice able man in ABM. Look at all he has done for us since he went to Westminster. He managed single handed to keep the Rocket Range open. Also look at all the jobs he has helped to create in the Islands, and promised there would be no wind farm and there aint going to be.
We couldn't have a better MP than ABM as his record speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that the Barra Bhuoy was in to make up. Did you see the SNP election address, I am sure he is wearing lipstick.

Anonymous said...

The BBC has declared the Western Isles as one of 3 battle ground seats in Scotland.......remember the days when our MP went from one TV studio to the next spreading his own very peculiar brand of Barrach poison. At that time he was the toast of SNP'dom. Alex passed him the honours "scandal" and our bhoy rose to the challenge.....Since these halycon days he's been exposed as a lazy, conceited and spectacularly useless MP. He thought politics was all about slinging mud and that it didnt involve any hard work. Where is the the toast of Nat'dom today? - on the way down. Where are his "friends"? They've desterted him. They still support their Party but not their representative which is so clear from the lack of activity - other than a few demented women, ably led by Donnie Shoogles and abetted by Donnie Gazette....

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Dr Allan is bringing up the Range in the Hebrides News today, making it a target for MacSween and co again. How unwise can any politician be?

Do they want to remind the voters how stupid AB was at that time? The concerns about the use of tents? The demands for a resignation before a decision was made? The flight to America when the jobs of the largest private employer in the consituency were threatened?

Are they a professional political organisation or an underground kamikaze unit? Surely they should realise that they're just helping their opponents by reminding them of how AB behaved at that time!

Anonymous said...

10.25AM, "ably led by a few demented women"??
I can make two conclusions from your snide little post:
1. You're a man (physiologically speaking, anyway.
2. You haven't met DJ's wife . . . or his election agent.

Anonymous said...

...and we're off. As the Stornoway Chat forum doesn't exist any more, looks like everyone will be using this as the main online forum for reaso...vitriolic political debate. How many days until the election? :)

Anonymous said...

Re - 1.38 am

I must admit I share your enjoyment of R.J. Martin's letters. What a man! What a collection of amazing assertions, half-truths and utter fictions!

I especially enjoy it when he starts writing about the 1970s in his letters. For a man who (probably) lived through that time, it's clear he knows nothing about them, except from what he learned through the newspapers ('The Daily Express? The Mail?)

If he's reading, can I suggest he looks at 'When The Lights Went Out: Britain In The Seventies' by Andy Beckett? Who knows? Even he might learn a little.

Anonymous said...

Here's my problem. The Barra Bhoy is clearly a twat - a very good-looking one, but a twat all the same.

DJ McSween is an unpleasant, partisan plonker whose extended family have made life for staff in the Council most unpleasant.

Jean Davis is competent, hardworking but completely unelectable.

Murdo Murray is sincere, passionate but utterly for 'the old ways' where you did what you were told by your betters. Especially on Sundays.

I have no idea who the Tory is and I'm sure she barely knows where Lewis is.

So who the f+++ am I supposed to vote for???

Anonymous said...

On balance, Jean Davis. She has the least ties of the main candidates to the CNES-centric network that keeps people in check, so is the least prone to back room deals of a dubious nature. She also does put the effort and the hours in.

She does have an uphill struggle though, as it's par for the course here that a Mc-someone takes the seat. Which is a pity.