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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second debate

They have all been taking serious coaching in being touch-feely and empathetic, and they all showed the training very well.

Cameron seemed to be out of the debate, letting the other two say what they wanted to say. He was good at the set piece questions, but not at butting in. Ability score: dull wallpaper

Brown oozed practised relaxation, and the happy pills were obviously working, as he seemed to be relaxed an enjoying himself. Deadly earnest (zzzzzzz), well informed and impeccably well read on the policy issues (zzzzzzz in spades). Public interest score: personality-free accountant

Clegg grew in stature from a low standing start some two weeks ago and appeared to be the most confident of the three. Perhaps not so sure about the impact of his policies, but was able to put the knife in where it told. The target of the other parties, he found himself in the unexpected position of appearing to be doing well. Electability score: nice guy in the pub who you think should stand as Councillor, but might not actually vote for.

The winner? Anyone who didn't watch this version of PMQ with the prepared answers to prepared questions.

Roll on debate 3.


Anonymous said...

Didn't hear the Radio Scotland one locally. Anyone have a view on how it went?

Anonymous said...

The two leading candidates are remarkably similar, neither acquitted themselves well. All the lesser candidates spoke much more sense. Those of us who were less than impressed by the childish bickering between the two Macs might well be inclined to cast our vote elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Re - 2.21 PM

Thought MacNeil behaved like a loud-mouthed, arrogant boor, interrupting continually and not allowing anyone else to have their say. No doubt a talent developed in a bar somewhere in the House Of Commons.

Surprisingly the one who came off best was Shena Norquay the Tory.
Thought there were signs of a really talented politician - not that I agreed with much of what she said.

Both DJ and Jean Davis came across as both thoughtful and astute, civilised individuals in the middle of a bear-pit.

Anonymous said...

I've just listened to it on the BBC Scotland web-site and suggest others do the same. Could hardly believe the sheer boorishness of Mr MacNeil's performance. The last five minutes in response to the question from Women's Aid is an absolute disgrace. If everyone in the Western Isles could hear what they are represented by, a lot of them would think again.