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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday's debate

Here's the link to the 'listen again'.

Haven't heard it myself. Yet.

Having listened: Who was the heavy breather at the beginning?

Poor Sheena Norquay was having to talk with an echo of her voice about 1 second later which can only have been wholly distracting.

The whole debate was very amateurishly delivered by Radio Scotland.


Anonymous said...

Thought that Macsween, Norquay,and Davis came across with dignity. I unfortunately say that for Macneil. He showed himself to be arrogant and impudent with the way he was butting in when Macsween was answering any questions. As someone who had voted for him in 2005 and was going to vote for him again this time, his performance has forced me to give my vote to Macsween.

Anonymous said...

No, I thought Brian Taylor did a very good job. Sheena Norquay should withdraw as a candidate - why could she not reach Stornoway on a planeless day when Brian Taylor could? She has no commitment.
I had no time for AB Macneil, who has subsequently been described as a strident pub bore over his performance in this debate.
DJ Macsween was outshouted (by ABM), which was unfortunate, as was Jean Davies.

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely ridiculous that out of the five candidates standing for election in the Western Isles, only four were given a place at Friday's debate.

This is understandable on a national basis e.g. "The big debates" where having all parties would clearly not be feasible. However, in a local situation does it not seem a bit unfair to exclude one candidate. Surely the BBC could have exercised some flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 10.27. Murdo Murray made one of the best interventions of the debate about wholesale price of fuel. No reason for him not to be on panel. MacNeil a disgrace.