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Monday, April 05, 2010

Shuttle launch

This morning we stood on the balcony at 6:21am and watched the shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral, along with probably half the other guests.

It was truly spectacular, and with the temperature being over 65F it was gloriously warm for the kids in their pyjamas.

Shuttle Launch April 2010
The launch site was about 50 miles away, but the sky was lit up from the moment the engines were fired. (I have a video but at the low-speed here it was taking forever to upload the 189Mb. It'll have to wait my return to civilisation.)

The birds went crazy as the craft soared, and just ahead of the arrival of the sonic boom, they went really berserk for just a few seconds.

Going to the launch site really wasn't an option, as traffic was predicted to have been very heavy and we would have had to leave about midnight to find a non-ticketed spot.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, that we hope the kids will always remember.


Anonymous said...

Give them speed and a safe return. I can't watch launches any more after the last two events. Brave people, astronauts.

Anonymous said...

"return to civilisation" what are you insinuating about the American nation?

Fraslet said...

Oh that's great, I almost saw a launch once, it was postponed with about an hour to go.

Anonymous said...

Angus, you missed a great day out at Kennedy. Was there a few years ago to see the shuttle come in to land, great experience and a fantastic day spent watching and hollering with the best of them as the shuttle touched down, then took the tour round Kennedy. Atmosphere was fabulous after the return of a successful mission, very interesting and unforgettable. Traffic or not, shame you didn't take the opportunity, you'd never have forgotten it.