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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The E-election that wasn't

Every party promised that this would be the election in which they lead a grassroots spontaneous movement to support their own views.

That was - of course - nothing short of vacuous rubbish, and so it has proved.

But let's look at the local online efforts of the candidates standing in this constituency. Political websites generally are either dull boring and safe or shambolic efforts, so bearing the restrictions placed on the designers by campaign teams for 'safety' and 'no suicide notes' , the comments are aimed at the campaign, rather than the individual site designers. (I say that as I know at least one of the designers, and what he is capable of when unrestricted). My scores are as campaign websites.

Unfortunately, none have the kind of comments that got Stuart MacLennan removed as Labour PPC for Moray (NSFW = Not Safe For Work).

SNP - Not even an election campaign site, this includes a wonderful typo of the candidates name in a Press Release. Contact details are sketchy, and it appears unfocused on what it is trying to achieve. Policy lite. 4/10

Labour - An 'out of the box feel' which is what it is. Why a address? A fair degree of content and local policy, but the site appears to be more as something that had to be done, rather than a considered way of getting the message across. Link to the candidates Facebook page doesn't work. Provides some contact details. 5/10

LibDem - No website that I can find.

Tory - No website that I can find.

Independent - Now this is more like it. Clean, simple and with a clear message, there is no vacillation or ambiguity and no punches pulled. All of which befits a candidate who is always going to be an also ran, but will definitely affect the outcome for the others. Clear and direct contact details. This is clearly a major element of his campaign, as many people don't know exactly what he stands for, beyond the religious message. Facebook link works! 8/10

Overall, the campaign hasn't really hit the web, except through the traditional method of issuing press releases to the traditional outlets.

Nationally, the picture is equally mixed and I can't see any party actually looking a the web as being anything other that another way of issuing press releases.

Overall score for all parties - exceptionally poor, uninteresting and underwhelming. 3/10. Must do better in the future, and that means starting now for the next elections.

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