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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The local election campaign

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mostly.


Anonymous said...

WAKEN UP everybody! What about Little Teddies, LAC's Sp Needs, Free Personal Care (NO, it definitely isn't "FREE"), NHS cut backs W Isles Budget (£4m to be announced by end of April). And this is just the beginning!

Prof David Campbell (Politics Show, Scotland Today) reminds us of another 12 - 15% Local govt/public services cuts in next four years BUT thinks 20% more likely.

Audit Commission Scotland says to politicians forget about protecting so-called "front-line" services (whatever they may be ... ie Little Teddies, Vol Sector, FPC and LAC's Sp Needs)...they're under attack already! Tinkering at the margins ... REAL cuts not even being mentioned as yet.
HONESTY! Not a lot of evidence of the TRUTH being told.

Knife Crime (Labour Manifesto) - send all offenders to PRISON. Costs: another two prisons to be built for the 1300+ offenders (previous 12 months records). Cost per prisoner per week = £620. Re-offending rate of young offenders, 9 out of 10 back in prison within two years. Does this make any sense? (Unless S Govt proposing new-build Prison on W Isles - job creation project)

Politicians fighting a rear-guard action and unwilling to face the real issues staring us all in the face (when we waken up on 7th May).

Anonymous said...

Applies to National as well. Too much

Anonymous said...

10:43 pm

Just who is going to pay for subsidising the cost of little teddies?

The headline figure is in excess of £200K pa. How much is that per userr of the nursery.

Neither CNES noe the Health Board can afford that.

It's time some people got a grip.

Anonymous said...

The main issue in this Election, which supersedes everything else, is TRIDENT. Put bluntly, bankrupt UK simply cannot afford a continuing commitment and public expenditure of ninety-seven thousand million pounds - £97,000,000,000. This is obscene! Do we wish to obliterate the world many times over? Do we have confidence in whoever gives the say-so to push the button? Do we have no fear of a terrible accident? Where are the missiles directed?
This is why the SNP will get my vote. Everything else pales into insignificance compared to this.

Anonymous said...

Trident man, that is so ridiculous I can only assume you are a plant, not a genuine commenter. As it happens I do agree that Trident should be scrapped but (assuming you're a local voter) do you really think that what the Western Isles needs most is Macneil blustering on ineffectually about this issue, in between other publicity stunts?

Anonymous said...

"ANTI-Trident Man" speaking. No, I'm not a "plant", just a genuine voter with one vote, the same as you.
If you agree with the "message" (policy of SNP), why castigate the "messenger"? Do YOU have a problem? Where is your logic?

Anonymous said...

8:44 and following; it is as possible to castigate the messanger and the approve the message as it is to be on a samsung mobile phone and request an orange tarrif. I also am very anti-trident.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by your logic, but at least we agree with anti-Trident policy of SNP (also Greenpeace, Scottish Churches and Trades Union movement), not to mention of course the poor taxpayer.

Greenpeace sent me this tonight by e-mail:

Dear Supporter,

Now is a key moment for our campaign to stop the next government wasting £97bn on new nuclear weapons. All of your support is paying off and the issue has now emerged as one of the big questions of the election.

Nick Clegg put the spotlight squarely on Trident in last week's leaders' debate, arguing that £100bn to replace a Cold War relic that has no military value makes little sense at the best of times, let alone when we're facing financial meltdown.

Then, yesterday, the Times ran a front page article featuring four of the army's most senior former soldiers questioning whether Trident should be replaced, and calling for the question to be included in a Strategic Defence Review.

These two things have rocketed Trident up the election agenda and it’s set to be a major issue in tonight’s leaders debate on foreign policy.

Vote SNP ... to be sure, to be sure

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why the council have to close the little teddies nursery. Surely the losses are split pro rata. If the NHS are pulling out of funding then they are pulling their kids out of the nursery. Less kids mean less staff and costs. This leaves a council subsidised nursery for council workers children only. Whats the problem with this?