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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Martin Bell OBE

You may have seen that Angus MacNeil's election leaflet claims that he has the support of Martin Bell (he of the white suit). Well, events have moved on since that quote was made, and many Toblerones have flowed under the bridge.

Martin Bell OBE now recommends that you get rid of those tainted by the MPs expenses scandal and vote for an Independent candidate, which is perhaps not the message that Mr MacNeil wants to hear.


Anonymous said...

Do you really mean the Ind Murdo Murray ? Or are you just taking the piss

Anonymous said...

Hear Murdo here via the BBC website.

Anonymous said...

Intersting to note that Murdo totally refused to answer any sunday questions on the Heb news site,Hope nobody asks him any searching questions about the type of person he would accept as a guest in his B&B, DJ got some one else to fill in the questionaire with fairly bland party political dogmado whilst neither the Tory candidate or Angus MacNeil could be bothered at all
Jean Davis has had full sensible answers up there from the begining, think that tells its own story. She would appear to be the only one with any real interest in the community

If the Tory Candidate intends comming up for the count can someone please send her directions

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with Martin Bell's comments in the video and will be voting for Murdo Murray next week... fed up of party political nonsense!

BTW, there are two videos of Murdo explaining his views on the economy and energy

Anonymous said...

Murdo hasn't refused to answer any questions on the Sunday questions for the Heb news. His answers are there and, as far as I'm concerned, seem very fair.

We have elected councillors to deal with these issues locally, and it does not seem right that they can be sidelined by the Scottish Government in favour of lobbying groups.