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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

CalMac spokesman

I am somewhat bemused and puzzled as to the bland and terse statement from CalMac announcing the departure of Hugh Dan MacLennan from the company.

As a regular reader of this blog, I hold Mr MacLennan no ill-will, and irrespective of the circumstances I think that a decent statement would have been more appropriate.

The exact details remain a bit of a mystery, but if it is true that it was a simple drink-driving offence then the reaction seems competely over the top.

Being slightly out of contact, until I get the wireless network operating, can anyone shed more light on the matter?

(I'm posting this with Firefox on a Mac, so it will be updated when I can use my laptop later this evening)

Update 6/6/08: More on the story here.


Madbiker said...

Sorry Angus, but there is no such thing as "simple drink driving". Many companies operate a zero tolerance of DD. The man was a berk for DD. Sympathy? Some people will know where it is found in a dictionary. The same applies to all DDs.
Sorry if you're reading this Dan, it's not personal but what would have happened to a skipper in similar circumstances on one of the ferries?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly that if someone is caught drunk on the job, particularly if that job is to ferry or drive people around then they should have the book thrown at them. Drink driving is a stupid and selfish crime that puts many innocent people at risk and people guilty of the crime should be punished severely but to lose ones job, if that job doesn't rely on a driving license, is a little extreme.
If the guy had lived anywhere else on the mainland away from the prying eyes of the Western Isles no-one would even have known that he had been caught.
Too many people up here like to wallow in the misery of others.

Anonymous said...

That is stupid, driving under the influence. If it's true, than HDMcL has brought it down on his own head.

Anonymous said...

cannot and will not condone drink driving. But if the guys job does not depend on the need to drive from a to b and the company will not incurr extra expense to pay for his travel arrangements then losing his job does seem extreme. He will be punished by the courts and have to deal with the stigma associated with drink driving. Thankfully no-one was hurt as a result of his stupidity.

All that aside Angus what is the problem regards using a mac to update your blog?

Angus said...

Problem using a Mac? Technical incompetence about web access, multiple tabs, or more importantly for the last two days getting the b**** printer to recognise the Mac or the laptop.

Today I got web access and learned how to uninstall and reinstall a network printer (actually a photocopier) and print from my memory stick.

Anonymous said...

Drink driving is inexcusable. Increases the chances of other people being killed.

8:39PM is right, though. There'll be plenty of glee without foundation. Let he who has not sinned cast...

For balance, as some people seem to think he's worse than Satan in all aspects of his life, I found him an open, communicative, friendly and honest bloke who stuck up for the Outer Hebrides a lot, in frankly one of the most political jobs in a commercial company connected with these islands.