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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mugabe stripped of knighthood

So El Presidente loses his honorary knighthood.

A Good Thing too.

But, er, just why did he get one in the first place in 1994?
Mr Mugabe's was appointed as an honorary Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Bath during his state visit to the UK in 1994. The Foreign Office said conditions in Zimbabwe were then "very different".
That's right. In those days, opponents were killed or exiled before they had the temerity to stand against Mugabe.

The democratic process is only newly affronted by the way he deals with candidates who survive to get their names on the ballot paper.

All of which offends the sensibilities of The Establishment, who prefer their friends not to be so brutal and murderous in public.

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Anonymous said...

Given the Governments proposed new laws on equality he could get a job easily in this country given his race, gender and age

Anonymous said...

But people like our MP would be against him being held for 42 days.

Anonymous said...

With the level of oppression here, its not far short of living in bloomin' Zimbabwe!

Anonymous said...

Could Anon 6.55 AM please tell us how he is being oppressed in the UK? You are talking a load of crap.

If we were oppressed here do you think the Tories would have won the last two elections. Another thing do you think a blog site like this would be aloud in Zimbabwe or any Islamic state.
So the next time think the next time before you open your stupid mouth.

Anonymous said...

10:48 AM

Touchy, touchy..........clearly an attempt at oppression on your part, with your gruff "before you open your stupid mouth". Seems to me it is you who is Mugabe-esque and keen to stifle free speech, you oppressor you.


Anonymous said...

Mad Biker Says:

Anon 10:48

Try and protest in Downing Street. Try to Protest near "The Mother of all Parliaments" and see what happens.
HAve a look at all the legislation that has been passed or is pending. All emails etc. to be retained by the ISP.

We already have the right to be arrested and detained without charge.

We have more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in the world. That more is an absolute number and not per capita.

There is the American base at ?Wentworth Hill (near Harrogate) a massive communication monitoring station which is a bigger version of our GHQC.

Stop and search for the police without due cause.

Am I conspiracy a theorist? No. I just read the newspapers (not red tops) and see what is happening.

Freedom of Expression? My foot! We're not even allowed the throw non dangerous things (eggs, tomatoes, ink, flour etc.) at the politicos any more. {:-))

Anonymous said...

yes it is true we have less freedom than usa but look what goes with that. On this planet there is no such thing as a totally just and fair system of government... As a christian my Bible tells me to work with my government and make it the best i can. This does not mean that i will not vote against them at the next election, but simply that i will obey the rules (as far as i can as a christian) and allow them to lead.

Anonymous said...

Mad Biker why would anyone want to throw flour or eggs or tomatoes at anyone. If you did that in Zimbabwe you would be beaten up by Mugabe's thugs and then tortured.

Of course you would have felt sorry for the prat John Prescott smacked after throwing an egg at him.

Oh by the way have you ever been hit with an egg thrown from a distance. I would advice you to try and see how sore it is.

Anonymous said...

Mad Biker says:


Throwing things like tomatoes flour etc at politicos used be regarded as fair game. It was also an interesting way of judging political opinuion. Maggie got done a few times.
Yup certainly did feel sorry for him. He went for the guy in the cabinet who knows how to scrap. Fair game to "two jags" though he gave as good as he got.

The eggs would only hurt if they were hard boiled wouldn't they?! {:-)

Many of the current Ministers took part in such demonstrations when they were at uni. Peter Hain when he was president of the young liberals got up to some amazing stuff. No doubt now they would be locked up.

Now where's my sex pistol record for "Anarchy in the UK?" {:-))

Anonymous said...

How can you be a mad biker listening to the Sex Pistols. You should be listening to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, and AC/DC.