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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

Anyone in two minds about how the 42 days detention time will be (mis)used by the Government need only look at RIPA, which was brought in to give better possibilities for surveillance against organised crime and international terrorism.

I have already listed some of the bodies who are entitled to use these powers in defence of the realm, and how it is important that The Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce are able to tap your phone with impunity.

A timely report in the Sunday Herald today expands on exactly how Councils have used their powers under RIPA.

The Western Isles only employed the Ripa powers three times, twice for what is described as "anti-smoking" purposes and once because of the alleged misconduct of an employee.

So, the most wide-ranging powers available to the state to track you, spy on you, and track your movements have been used to catch someone having a fag.

This is actually quite serious, and has wide-ranging implications for what has been done. As the offense was being committed (I would guess) in a pub or a hotel, just what powers have actually been used by the Council? Video cameras filming the building? Recording telephone calls? Intercepting emails?Snooping

Are you on file somewhere walking out of your local?

I was involved in disputing the application of the legislation on behalf of a client* so were my phone calls to the client about the matter recorded? Was the privileged legal advice received by the client intercepted by the Council?

All of this smacks of overkill, and I hope some Councillor will let us know just who authorised these applications, and what the outcome was.

Staff in the Comhairle should also be wary: is it alleged misconduct, or an attempt to railroad an employee out of the building?

Read the article to see the (mis)uses of RIPA and please support No2id, who are trying to stop the extension of the database state and us all being automatically tagged and recorded as we move around the country.No2ID

* It was a funny issue. A derelict vehicle owned by a third party but located on the hotel grounds was being used as a smoking shelter by customers. The Council tried to claim that it was either part of the hotel or controlled by the hotelier despite the factual evidence. It ended in a score draw, when another solution was identified.


Anonymous said...

We've got Labour to thank for this piece of nonsense. They'll probably use it north of the border to round up SNP supporters Mugabe style!

Anonymous said...

We really have to put a stop to this,

Anonymous said...

9:19 If the Tories were in power they would have put something very similar through. This erosion of our rights didn't just start with new labour, it has been going on years.
I wonder how long until they ban the film V? {;-)

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10.34

Tories/Labour - what exactly is the difference?

Anonymous said...

Tories/Labour/Liberals what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

to 11:56 & 12:43

To be honest not a lot now. Though dare I say it, the tories are currently slightly less unelectable! {;-)

Anonymous said...

Politicians - what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

good points... both the "now" and the Tories being slightly less of a prob. (12:43 anon)

Anonymous said...

The RIPA authorisation was used to monitor CCTV on an employee who was defrauding the Council by clocking on then clearing off to play sport. As far as I recollect there was a disciplinary hearing and said skiver was sacked.

But knowing the Council he was probably reinstated on appeal....