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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Self regulation doesn't work

In the light of the FoI inquiries into their expenses, MPs fought and screamed to prevent publication of their allowances.

Then they announced that they need to be reviewed, to make sure they were reasonable, and that it was still right to get money for new kitchens, home furnishings and other household goods, worth up to £22,110 to cover the costs of living in London.

After due and careful consideration, the MPs have decided that it is no longer appropriate to reimburse themselves for buying household goods.

Instead, they will pay a flat allowance of £19,200 for accommodation in London (which still includes the classic second-homes scam, whereby MPs claim to live elsewhere than their constituency). And it is tax-free, so that makes it worth about £32,000 on the top-line.

Alternatively they suggest £30 per day for subsistence. Without receipts. Whilst the House of Commons is one of the cheapest places to eat and drink in the UK.

Plus £140 per day for accommodation. Up to a maximum of 140 days per year. Or 35 weeks attendance a year.

Some classic quotes from the Committee Report:
The property market is currently looking rocky once again, so the same could happen. An MP who chooses to buy not rent is taking a risk. Even if it pays off, by the time Capital Gains Tax is paid in consequence of an MP owning two properties, the public purse effectively gets a rebate against some of the money it has paid out in allowances. It may not be far fetched to suggest that the public purse even benefits from MPs buying rather than renting flats.
What utter drivel. MPs are designating their London houses as their Principal Private Residence for tax purposes, meaning the proceeds are tax-free. By this reckoning, we should all get an allowance to buy a second house closer to our work, as the public purse benefits.

The entire report is a series of moans about how hard done by they are, and how they should be reimbursed for anything and everything.

At the same time, other public sector workers are being urged to show restraint. At the next election, remember that the winner is being paid close to £100,000 to work for us. WORK FOR US. Not to do what their party tells them.


Anonymous said...

Our MP has never worked for us in his life. So do you really think he is going to start now.

Anonymous said...

Think what you guys mean is, you dont want him to work for you so you want to accuse him of not working for everyone else in the constituency.

As you will find out when the votes are counted in 2009 or 2010 this is not the case..

However badly the 4 Amigos on Bile FM paint him, a very very large number of the eloctrate in the constituency know different.

GIRUY. :-)

Anonymous said...

So Anon 8:39pm

Please name FIVE things that Angus B MacNeil has done for the Western Isles since his election in May 2006?

We are all going blue holding our breath in anticipation......

Oh and by the way I am a member of the Electorate Maybe our elected member for Westminster should return back to his job of educating the Western Isles electorate eh??

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like the smell of vitriol in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Ah the magical 5 things. How I laugh when I hear that. What is a thing? A policy? A fundraiser? A pooh?

6500 votes will do. Not Not 5 things. Not 5000 things. Hell even AA got 6000 plus despite your slander.

Thats whatll get him elected. Morrison did 5 things. But wouldnt lift a finger to help a constituent. Same with Calum.

All ra best dj. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well Anon 9.52 PM I am still waiting for a response to a letter I sent our MP on 28/01/07. Do not worry I will be taking this up at election time as I have a copy of the letter. Working for constituents my R's

Anonymous said...

Very clever 12:26

:-) ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've been writing to him on and off warning him about what was going to happen with oil prices and the massive effects it would have on us here in the Western Isles since shortly after he was elected with little in the way of a response. When I finally got something out of him, he suggested I should write to a national newspaper to air my concerns.

The price of oil has doubled since that little titbit of advice, and suddenly he is very concerned about it because it is of the moment. Being led by events rather than trying to look ahead and anticipate the gathering storm. Isn't that the Westminster way?

I don't know what to say about the man. I had high hopes when he got in but he is just a politician after all. Can we expect any better from anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The Ego has not landed yet. Lets hope the Ego makes a huge skydive.

Anonymous said...

actually anon 9:52, for the first time i understand your arguement, thank you, you have given me a lot to think about. L.S

Anonymous said...