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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Data Protection Act (2)

From: Ian McCann []
Sent: 05 March 2007 09:24
To: 'Duncan Ross'
Subject: FW: nicolson - independent candidate?

I think this is probable enough to start proceedings. Though we might have to wait a day and square it with the other SNP Councillors

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr Alasdair Allan []
Sent: 04 March 2007 13:37
Subject: nicolson - independent candidate?


surely he has done it now - as far as I can see this says he intends to run as an independent. read to bottom. he also praises the lib dems and has a go at the SNP.



I've inserted a hyperlink to the post which is cut-and-pasted after the message. BTW, as I am fairly sure I changed the "alt" attribute on the picture some time after the posting was made, the fact that the email is 3 hours before the blog posting is not the doctoring.


Anonymous said...

Bit strange that IM did not reply or forward the reply he sent to DR to AA. Or am i looking to hard ??

Anonymous said...

It also means AA works on the Sabbath. Maybe he will start a Pro Sunday ferry petition from his office

Anonymous said...

and did Cllr Donald Manford and Cllr Annie MacDonald approve your expulsion? i think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

last night I entered a comment which has yet to appear so i'll try again (after all debate strenghtens democracy)
I have noticed that the time comments are entered does not match with the time i send them
as a test I am sending this comment at 12.16 to see how it compares

Anonymous said...

As a christian, may I be the first to inform you that climate change will not be catastrophic?

Anonymous said...


just noticed i had commented at the other story

apologies for sounding off

and i'm glad to see that there are others making the same error (i.e. commenting on the wrong blog!)

Anonymous said...

desperate, desperate stuff from Allan. I can't see where you have a go at the SNP, and your 'praise' of the LibDems extends to factually stating that they got their leaflets out first.