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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, October 22, 2007


Pureed baby foodOur daughter is ready to be weaned and as a result I have been tasked with the preparation of the food. Thankfully, it is one of my areas of ability in the parenting field and I have peeled, boiled, pureed and put fresh apples into tiny, little containers.

The baby rice has been on the menu for the past week, and it has gone down quite well, but unfortunately the transition to apple has been less successful, perhaps as it comes out rather tart at the end of the process. Why, I don't know, but no doubt some nutritionist will explain.

Second choice was carrot, and two large ones were peeled, diced and boiled before the hand blender came into action and the resultant mash was placed into the tiny boxes, which are probably 1.5 inches cubed, hence the picture.

However, pureed carrot has the tendency to stain badly and irredeemably, so daughter has to be fed carefully and with a bib, a cloth to catch splashes, something to wipe child, chair, clothes and parents and at least four hands to manage everything. Like her biggest brother, carrots are much appreciated, and are going down a treat, so I am scouring through the recipe books for the next exciting (!) mush to prepare.


Anonymous said...

talking about children why are they not putting out a warning to remove sim cards with the Blue Peter appeal?

Anonymous said...

The 30,000 dollar question, where has angus gone? Is he working too hard?

No comment on the RET meeting tomorrow, the Scottish Elections, has he found out that Alasdair Allan is actually doing good for the Western Isles, does he have nothing to post?

What is behind this most untimely absence

C'mon Angus, time to take a stand on things again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11pm
I think you will find that this blog is a hobby and Angus actually has a business to keep running as well as a very young family.
Give him a break for goodness sake