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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Outer Hebrides Seafood to be floated

The latest news from Marine Harvest is that OHS (formerly known as Fjord Seafoods) is to be part of a group with Pan Fish Scotland which will be floated on the Norwegian Stock Exchange.

This is obviously quite worrying, as it is a major change in what was originally proposed, and the small scale of the joint operation would make the company attractive to being snapped up, asset stripped and dismembered.

Although the spokesmen talk of complementary operations, the danger remains that the only way to achieve growth for both elements is to have them physically closer together, otherwise they cannot have any benefit of scale.

I predict yet more turbulent times ahead.

The unnecessary delay in delivering RET is hurting this sector particularly badly.

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Anonymous said...

shirley any fish related item would have the benefit of scale...!