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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Licensing Policy

Please read the Comhairle's draft licensing policy on which comments are required by 9 November.

I've already seen some glaring anachronisms and holes in what has been written, and intend to make a submission. I'll happily include any other relevant points if you bring them to my attention.

My immediate reaction is that there is a distinct possibility of a serious clamp down on extensions and anything that might smack of liberalisation of hours. The Licensing Board appears to be evenly split between liberals and conservatives, and the public and the trade need to get their voices heard before this is enacted.

When I sat on the Licencing Board, I remember being told by more than one colleague that a certain hotel had no customers on a Sunday and for that reason alone we should not renew the afternoon licence. I was able to point out to these teetotallers that I had been there the previous weekend, and it had been full of families enjoying a Sunday dinner together, and that about 75% of the families had one person employed by the Comhairle. The dirty looks I got!


Anonymous said...

Not happy about point 20.2. Not happy at all. Wot the heck are the board doing actively seeking the opinions of Churches - what's it got to do with them? And we all know what their answer will be anyway.

And can you imagine what will happen if the board decide to close bars and pubs at 11 on a saturday night? Want the teenagers and twenty-somethings to stay on the Hebrides - forget it - one way tickets to Glasgow where they can actually have a good time.

Angus said...

The Church is a statutory consultee, and must be invited to comment, and yes, the absence of an policy on Saturday night would imply the possibility/probability/aspiration of early closing and hence the loss of the youngsters to the mainland.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree licensing should be more open and not dominated by small minded bigots, How can it be possible for church elders from organised relion within the Western Isles to be unbiased and not enter the committee room without preconcieved opinions.
Having said that this is a two way street and the vast majority of Licensed premises in Stornoway are a disgrace and very much need to smarten up there act.
Given the huge problem that alcohol presents here it's time that a fresh approach was taken, the regulations are there. The next time that the police pick up a drunk why don't they charge the Landlord that served him in that condition

Anonymous said...

> The Church is a statutory consultee, and must be invited to comment

Why is this so? The number of local tax paying residents who go to church, even here, is in a minority? Take out those who go, but aren't true believers, and you are left with a smaller minority.

So why do they get special treatment and political influence that does not reflect their representation? There is no balancing, or larger, consultation of the agnostic community or the atheist community. But, if the church get a say, so there should be.

It is deeply disturbing, and not of this century, that it is mandatory to consult a minority religious faction on policy and legislation.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above comments. The "Being miserable is good for you" brigade have far too much influence in local politics. They should have NON.

Angus said...

Sorry, the Church is a statutory OBJECTOR not consultee. That means that they have an absolute right to object to any licence granted in their area.

The full act can be found here.

The Church has the same status (for these purposes) as the Police and Firemaster.

I agree with anon 11:07 that some of the pubs are a disgrace, but there are other ways to deal with that.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.50 Perhaps it would have been best for them to grow up in Glasgow - where drink is not seen as neccessary to a good time.

Anonymous said...

i must sympathise with those councillors, though, they're really not used to hearing the truth

Anonymous said...

This gets worse. The Church has the same status as the police and the firemaster. Are you having a laff?

Policeman: Pub is not responsible, source of violence and illegal activity. Fair enough.

Firemaster: Pub is fire hazard; customers in danger. Fair enough.

Reverend: Drinking is "bad". I can back this up with an ambiguous quote from a book with unknown authors that's several thousand years out of copyright.


Anonymous said...

I think I can claim copyright- God