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Monday, October 15, 2007

Farewell Sir Ming

Sir Menzies Farewell, Sir Ming (right), the noble knight who rode his trusty steed at a suitable arthritic pace into the heart of the battle that is British politics.

Where he was treated with the kind of patronising contempt one normally adopts for the simple-minded or pre-senile.

A huge debt is owed to you by the LibDems in bridging the gap between your ousting of the most popular, populous and well-known MP ever to have imbibed too much whilst leading the Party and the seeming oblivion into which you were leading it.

Your dynamism knew no beginning, and whilst oozing statesman gravitas in the House, it was at a time when the assassin knife, the bludgeon of ridicule or just a bloody good question were called for.

You have achieved your sole aim - to lead the LibDems - it is a pity that you were leading them off the electoral map.

Ming leaves a party in disarray, invisible, and desperately seeking a return of the prodigal son, suitably detoxed, from the Highland croft.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Minger. I kept thinking he was going to peg out in mid-sentence whenever he was on telly.

They should never have got rid of Charles Kennedy, who should be reinstalled as leader, but I've a feeling pretty boy Clegg might win. In which case the LibDems may well lose votes up here because voters won't be able to avoid associating him with horseflies.

Anonymous said...

i feel very sorry for Ming, he has done well in party politics, and they would have done well to keep him. The question flits through the mind, is this why Gordon called of the election? It seems to me the most likely reason... none of the others have fitted so far.

Anonymous said...

eyoop, that'll rule out Brian Shite and George Amadan too.

Anonymous said...

Have Wilson and Galloway joined the Lib Dems? That's news.