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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Sir John Bourn"Who guards the guardians?" in one of the weighty questions of oversight and control and sometimes troubles politicians, but more often troubles businessmen. Probably something to do with one's own money being at risk.

Sir John Bourn is the Comptroller and Auditor General who is in charge of ensuring that all of the expenditure by Government is properly controlled, appropriate and properly accounted for.

All the more astonishing when after a hard fought FoI request from Private Eye, that the National Audit office finally released this list of expenditure incurred by Sir John. Read it and weep.

Then it turned out that the accounts for the NAO were wrong (and this from the body that severely raps other Government bodies over the knuckles for such errors) as they omitted details of the expenses paid to Sir John.

Or for his wife. Who accompanied him on three out of five foreign trips last year - trips which cost £16,500 - for Sir John and Mrs Sir John travel and live in some style. But always appropriate to their needs and expectations. My arse.

Now the LibDems have called for his head, and just look at the fuller list of expenditure he has incurred on our behalf; the glad-handing he has done; and the groups he has lunched with bought lunch for.

Good to know that he still has the confidence of the Government.

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Anonymous said...

The prudent course is to assume, until proven otherwise, that ANY given politician, in any nation, is corrupt.

Of course, most folk do assume just that...